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 Silver Hollows Rules

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PostSubject: Silver Hollows Rules   Tue Apr 30, 2013 5:37 am

Site Rules

- Do not use bad language on the forum. Even if you are okay with it, other members may not be.
- No sexual innuendo or sexual discussions on the forum. This is an all ages site, so keep it family friendly, please.
- Do not bully or harass other members, it will not be tolerated. Respect all members of the pack, regardless -of your rank.
- Please avoid any religious and political discussions on the forum.
- Do not SPAM. Make sure your posts contain at least three words, and don't double post. If you want to add something, edit your post or delete your previous post.
- Please use good English on the site. Not everyone is perfect at spelling, but try to make your posts articulate. Don't use text speak because it's annoying.
- Make sure your username is your wolf's name.
- Before posting any images on the site, such as in a wolf bio, make sure the original creator is happy to have their work shared, and make sure you credit them. Any copyrighted material posted on the site without permission will be removed. This also applies to links that go to sites that share content illegally.
- Make sure your avatar and signature are the size stated by the forum. Anything bigger will be resized by an admin.
- Do not plagarise. Do not post art in the creativity section claiming it as your own. If you wish to share art with the pack, and it isn't yours, post it in the media discussion forum, crediting the original artist.
- Don't backseat moderate. If you see a post that is breaking the rules, report it to a council member. Don't try to deal with it yourself.
- Remain active. This means posting on the site and at least once a week. If you are unable to remain active for a time, request an EFA.

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Posts : 32
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Join date : 2013-04-19
Location : Wales

PostSubject: Re: Silver Hollows Rules   Tue Apr 30, 2013 5:40 am

Chatbox Rules

-No bad language, sexual innuendos or bullying/harassing behaviour will be tolerated in the chatbox.
-No religious or political discussions.
-While we are more relaxed about the use of good English in the chatbox, please do not overuse text speak.

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Join date : 2013-04-19
Location : Wales

PostSubject: Re: Silver Hollows Rules   Tue Apr 30, 2013 5:53 am

Roleplay Rules

These are the rules for roleplay. Please follow these rules when creating a roleplay post.

General Rules

1. Your RP posts must be at least 100 words long, and sentences must be well written. Use good English, and while we don't mind the occasional spelling error, check your posts before sending to make sure it is as good as possible.
2. While it's not a requirement, things like internal monologue, emotional display etc would help improve your RP posts and help others reply to you.
3. Do not use extreme bad language in RP. The occasional "crap" or whatever is allowed, but in moderation please, don't litter your sentences with mild expletives.
4. This is a semi realistic RP. Your wolf can speak, show human like emotions, etc. However, we do not allow superpowers, or an endless ream of knowledge about everything. Your wolf has limitations.
5. Do not God-mode. Your wolf can't make every kill, land every blow, be right every time.
6. Under no circumstances is your character allowed to kill another character without permission, especially the character of another member.
7. Only the Alphas can bring in severe danger to the pack, such as a bear, or a flooding disaster. You don't need to ask permission to go and hunt a rabbit, but you will need to ask permission otherwise.


1. While you don't need permission of the council to stage a scrap with another member in RP, you cannot begin a huge fight with another character without the permission of the council.
2. Your wolf is not invincible to attack. They have limitations, and this must show through in a fight. They cannot land every blow, or dodge every attack.
3. When character's fight, particularly if it is with another member's character, you must wait for them to make a retaliation post. You can't finish the fight in one RP post. Of course, someone will have to win or lose, but it must be RP'd over several posts.
4. Do not use extreme violence. Yes, there are going to be injuries, but try and keep it limited, and don't turn it into a bloodbath. Your wolf cannot miraculously recover either, it takes a while for injuries to heal.


1. Your wolf cannot make the kill instantly, or without the help of other wolves. A wolf can manage a rabbit alone, but not something like an elk. It takes skill to hunt, not just luck.
2. It takes strategy to bring down prey. Your wolf cannot just run off after prey, hoping to catch it. It has to be planned.
3. Remember that your wolf can easily be injured by their prey. Animals like deer, elk, etc can badly injure, even kill a wolf.
4. You do not need permission for your character to hunt for small prey alone. However, don't get your wolf to try and organise a hunt without council permission, or try to take down large prey alone.

Mating and Pups

1. We do not allow the act of mating to be carried out in RP. We also do not allow graphic description of pups being born. When the pups are being born, excuse your character (something like "walked away alone" or "faded out") until the pups are born.
2. Pups aren't allowed to be born without the permission of the council. You can submit a request form to the council for consideration.
3. When the pups are born, we allow a maximum of six. The parents can choose to roleplay all the pups themselves, or other members can have to opportunity to roleplay some too. You need to create a biography for each pup, which will be posted in the "Plot Biographies" section of the forum. They need to bear some physical similarities to one or both parents.
4. When they are old enough, the pups must disperse and leave the pack. We do allow one pup to stay, and you will be allowed to switch characters in favour of the pup if you choose.

Switching Characters

1. We allow you to change your character two-three times. You will need to purchase anymore changes using your Silver Tokens.

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PostSubject: Re: Silver Hollows Rules   

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Silver Hollows Rules

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